Sunday, June 06, 2010

This Week's Calendar o' Shows

Also, here's a quick calendar of more cool places I'm performing at this week! All these shows are free, so see me now before I get all Dane Cook stadium famous and sheeit!

6/6 - Hostel at 106th and Central Park West @ 9:00 pm

6/8 - Brooklyn Nights @ 9 pm
(497 DeKalb Ave - in Brooklyn)

6/9 - Pacific Standard Bar (Wade Wilson Comedy Show) @ 8:00 pm
(82 4th Avenue between Bergen and St. Marks - in Brooklyn)

6/10 - Identity Bar Comedy Mic/Show Hybrid Thing @ 7 pm
(511 East 6th Street just east of Avenue A)

Plus, I'll be at Broadway Comedy Club at some point this week. Check the rosters!

Game Show Network

Okay, so people sometimes ask me: "Hey Calvin what's your television credit?"

Well, I am two friends were on a show called Chain Reaction, which is on the Game Show Network, a network in the triple digits of cable television that very few people watched. Finally after years of un-salutary nelect I can share a copy with the world.

Here is the direct link.
And below is the video itself. Enjoy!

Chain Reaction from Jordan Schulkin on Vimeo.