Thursday, April 01, 2010

Two Articles, A Guy, and a Gig

Well...I finally did it. I was tangentially mentioned in not one but two articles featuring other comedians! Both are comedians I rally like and respect, so it's a good day to tell jokes (in theory).

The first one is of Mike Lawrence, and while I'm not called out by name, I am "the host" so that ought to mean something:

The second one does mention me by name and features up-and-coming talent Jen Perney. Thanks so much to Jen for putting me up on her show and letting me do 20 minutes:


I'll be performing at Del's wonderful show, Sucre tonight! The cost is $5 and there's really good wine. Come on...isn't it time you paid to see me?

SUCRE - Thursday, 7:30 PM
520 DeKalb Avenue (at the corner of Bedford Avenue)

Take the G to Bedfore-Nostrand and wander around there.