Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The End

So, I know there has been a severe drop-off in posts as of late and I keep getting asked about what I'm doing blog-wise and otherwise. In short, I've had an almost cartoonish string of bad luck that all culminated into me being sidelined due to a car accident. Right now, things are okay (i.e. I can still move, talk, and type) but the experience itself as well as several other happenstances before and after have hindered my ability to freely write.

Which leads to what am I to do with this blog. Well, for starters, this blog is no longer going to exist in its current incarnation. I may blank out most of it and repost some of the better pieces in a new version. I've also spun off and started working on other writing and comedy projects so that 2010 can be "THE YEAR." I don't know if this will actually come to pass, but whatever.

In the meantime, you can use this blog as a way of finding out what shows I'm doing each week. I'm going to use this as an informal calendar until I figure out what I really want to write about. And as of today I'm erasing all the older blogs that I thought didn't work, or weren't representative of my stuff. Thanks again for reading. Oh...and if you know of anyone hiring a writer, please email me and let me know.